Varför Sparrow för iPhone saknar notifieringar

Chris Foresman intervjuar Dominique Leca och Dihn Viêt Hoà, utvecklarna bakom Sparrow för iPhone:

“We used the VoIP API to put Sparrow in the background while keeping a network connection open to the server,” Dihn told Ars. “Sparrow is then ‘suspended,’ which means it will not use any CPU cycles. iOS will take care of the persistent connection, and it won’t use much battery since nothing will be going back or forth on the network,” he explained.

When receiving a notice from the server that new e-mail has been received, Sparrow would then resume, doing just enough work to update the icon badge and send a notification.

If you get mass amounts of e-mail, that can still potentially cause a big drain on the battery. However, the developers took care to optimize Sparrow to use up as little of the battery as possible. “It took us 2 months to get it right,” Leca said.

“After extensive optimization and testing, we made sure Sparrow had decent battery consumption,” Dihn added. “The battery consumption of native Mail and Sparrow are quite the same when enabling push.”

Unfortunately, Apple was having none of it. Sparrow got rejected on the grounds that it used the VoIP API without providing any VoIP functionality. After removing the push support, however, Apple approved Sparrow for sale.

Intressant nog slutade notifieringarna i betaversionen sluta fungera igår när den skarpa koden släpptes. Nu när jag köpt den skarpa versionen så är inte bara notifieringarna borta, utan schemat för hur ofta mail ska hämtas är också borttaget. Det saknas ytterligare några småsaker som tillsammans med de två förstnämnda troligen tagits bort för att Apple skulle godkänna applikationen.

Fortfarande är det en otroligt trevlig e-postapplikation, bra mycket trevligare än den inbyggda i iOS.

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