Ska inte läsa på ett år

Harry Marks:

At midnight tonight I will stop reading. I’m abandoning one of my “top 5” cultural innovations of all time in order to rest my eyes (yes, sliced bread, you’re still at the top of the list).

You might be saying, “Harry, why would you try something like this? Giving up something that enriches our lives on a daily basis is stupid.” I’ll tell you why. It’s because I am too involved with words. I feel like I’ve only examined books and magazines up close. I spend, on average, 18+ hours a day reading things. Whether they’re milk cartons, subway signs, or even bumper stickers, I am way too connected to the written word.

Now I want to see words at a distance. By separating myself from written language, I’ll be able to see which aspects of reading are truly valuable, which are distractions, and which ones give me explosive diarrhea.

Har man små barn behöver man inte ta ett aktivt beslut att sluta läsa exempelvis böcker och tidningar – det sker helt naturligt.

Roligt skriven text hur som helst.

(Länk via Daring Fireball)

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