Varför alla borde lära sig programmera

Dan Haggard:

About a year ago I told a friend of mine that I had started to learn the Python programming language. He asked with a raised eyebrow why it was I wanted to do this at age 34.

“Take it from me as someone in the industry,’ he said disparingly. ’We only hire guys who know their stuff. Python is fine, but you’ll need to know C, C++ among other things. A couple of years of work and you’ll still only be a novice. If you’re looking to change careers this aint the way.’

His advice is almost certainly correct from the point of view of trying to get a job as a programmer. It highlights nicely the perception most people have of programming. It’s a career path. It’s something you do to earn a living. It’s something you specialise in – or you don’t do it.

Vid 38 års ålder går det inte en dag utan att jag vill börja programmera. Men jag vet fortfarande inte vilket språk jag ska börja med.

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