OS X Lion Server uppdaterad till 10.7.4

Jisses vilken uppdatering:

File Sharing
defining custom names for file share points
using Kerberos authentication
emptying trash when using a network mounted home directory
using WebDAV with third-party iOS clients
copying files and Finder information over SMB
general reliability of SMB file services

Profile Manager
enhanced payloads and management settings for iOS and OS X clients
reliability of device enrollments after changing server hostname
configuring VPN management settings
using profiles to join 802.1x networks
installing enterprise iOS applications
setting iCloud, Spotlight and Media Restrictions for OS X clients

Web Server
improved handling of URL redirects and alias matches

Mail Server
improved reliability of SMTP services
prevent overwriting of manually configured greylisted mail servers

The update also includes specific fixes for:
more flexible service data storage
reconfiguring DNS settings when changing hostnames
editing DNS expirations
archival and migration of Open Directory
preserving local accounts during upgrades

Som vanligt: om du uppdaterar en produktionsserver, vänta ett par dygn och under tiden testa på en replika av den servern. Och innan du uppdaterar: ta backup, en backup som du kan återställa!

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