LinkedIn goes Nigeriabrev

Dustin Curtis:

This morning, I received a LinkedIn message from a man named James Holm, who identified himself as a corporate recruiter with Weyland Industries. Weyland is the corporation that funded the the Prometheus project in the upcoming Ridley Scott movie of the same name.

Ett intressant sätt att marknadsföra Scotts uppkommande film, men jag tycker nog detta är att gå ett steg för långt. Curtis igen:

The result is that LinkedIn sold my reality to Fox so they could exploit it for the few seconds before I realized the message was fake. But it’s that moment of realization that makes this sort of thing enjoyable. It ends up being net positive for everyone. LinkedIn gets money, Prometheus gets more exposure, and I get a satisfying moment of realization.

Som sagt. Som ett nigeriabrev, fast betydligt mer sofistikerat. Ganska ruttet av LinkedIn också.

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