Apples tre stora utmaningar

Guy English:

The team that worked on the original iPhone were granted stocks back in 2005-2006. The people who joined them to make iOS 2.0 what it was were granted stock back in 2007-2008. Look at the progression of iOS devices since then and consider the people behind it. Then consider the renumeration schemes based on how much of their personal time they invested versus the benefit to the company. iOS was launched back in 2007. It’s been five years since the original team were granted stock options. It’s been maybe three years since the team that has defined what we now know as iOS were granted options. Look at the share price then and look at the share price now.

Ultimately, the retention of talent will be Apple’s Achilles’ heel.

The smartest people will always want to be working on the smartest thing. Sometimes that comes together in one amazing project. iOS has been that project for this decade.

If there’s a problem for Apple it’s that they’ve already invented the future. It’s a done deal. The best and brightest engineers and product managers may move on to other ventures. Less likely to succeed, of course, but that’s less of an issue for them given the rainfall of APPL gains. We’ll have to see what happens.

Det ovanstående är problem nummer tre. Då kan du kanske börja ana att problem ett och två inte är att leka med de heller…

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