Haiku tuffar på

Ryan Leavengood:

Even so, you may be wondering: With Windows, Mac OS X, hundreds of versions of Linux, and numerous mobile operating systems, does the world really need Haiku?

Yes, it does, for many reasons. Much as in nature, computer viruses flourish in a monoculture, and because so many of us use Windows computers, Windows viruses find plenty of victims. Further, if one operating system has a monopoly, its creators have little reason to improve their software. (Competition from the Mozilla Firefox browser is, after all, largely what prompted Microsoft to update Internet Explorer.) And diversity promotes interoperability because it compels software developers to create code that plays well with others. When there’s very little competition, there’s no incentive to do so.

But Haiku does more than just expand the gene pool of operating systems. One of the first things people notice about it is that it doesn’t feel anything like Windows or OS X or Linux. It’s unique.

Haiku är verkligen grymt kul att arbeta med. Funderar på att börja utveckla för operativsystemet.

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