Några väl valda ord om Apples användande av EFI

David Wesley:

There are several things that Apple has mutated away from the EFI standard, one of them being not using the EFI system partition for anything except firmware updates. Their custom EFI implementation has the boot process (as well as some extra filesystem drivers) baked in. The whole EFI experience just never worked like I expected it to. The other trouble is that Boot Camp has been changed in OS X Lion.

If you wanted to be hand held through the partitioning process and the creation of a hybrid GPT/MBR disk, you’re invited to use Boot Camp. However the latest alterations only allow media with Windows images to be accepted. You can no longer (from my ability to understand) use Boot Camp to install non-Windows OSs. Of course, it was always unsupported, but at least it was doable.

Intressant med ett annorlunda perspektiv på hur man kan (eller inte kan) använda en Mac.

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