Paniken på Google, del 2

Brian Hall:

Google pulled out all the stops at the start of its Google I/O conference yesterday. They presented themselves as cool and innovative, as massive and focused, as hardware and software, as cloud services and in-home streaming.

They are lost.

Google, like Microsoft, are no longer satisfied with copying Apple products. They are now seeking to copy Apple values and Apple’s strategy. This is much much harder, although the potential upside is far greater.

For Google, now is the time to make such a bold gamble.

We are now in the second decade of the twentieth century and nearly every penny Google makes, still, comes via ads on PCs. This will not last. Larry Page knows it. Sergey Brin knows it. They must. We are now in the age of the smartphone, of real-time, of social, of local. Despite Google’s massive scale, they were not constructed for these. Wisely, they are taking their old world monopoly profits and funneling them fast as they can into new endeavors.

Some, like Google Now and Google Maps, I suspect, will be hits. Others, like the awful Nexus Q and the cool-seeming-but-not-really Google glasses, will fail. Still others, like their massive gambles on Android and Google+ may or may not succeed. This is not the problem. The problem is that Google was blessed with a once-a-generation, possibly once-a-lifetime business model that has rained down manna from heaven every moment of everyday for over ten years and now they are going to have to work for their money.

No wonder they are chasing Apple. Apple has combined hardware plus software plus ecosystem plus design plus distribution into a massive, global, profit-leading, world-beating machine. Thus, even as Google begins to shutter its nonsense old world language regarding “web” and “open” and “free”, they are ramping up on the products they are convinced will defeat Apple. Possibly defeat Microsoft for good measure.

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