Kill your darlings

Jason Fried:

Another product on our list is Sortfolio—a visual directory of Web design firms that we created in 2009 to help small businesses find designers. Design firms can list their services for free or pay $99 a month to upgrade to a more prominent premium listing. Sortfolio is unique on our list, in that some users pay for it. In fact, it generates actual revenue and significant profits—some $17,000 a month, or more than $200,000 a year. Nonetheless, we decided it was time to let it go.

Say what? you’re probably asking. What entrepreneur voluntarily parts with a profitable service? Isn’t making money the whole point? Are we crazy?

Som Jason Fried skriver i sin artikel: ju fler bollar du har i luften, ju kortare tid har du varje boll i handen, och det är då problemen snart står för dörren i form av missnöjda kunder, kraschande system och sena nätter.

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