Varför Apple är framgångsrika

Rands in Response:

You have a hit. Congratulations, you’ve built something that is perceived as being best of class. Seminal moment – go you. What’s your next move?

Well, we’ve been busting our collective asses for a good long time and I think it’s high time that we all take a break and catch our collective breath.

If your goal is this solo win, if you have achieved everything that you want to achieve with this hit, here’s to you – the first round is on me. If your goal is growth, if you want to turn this win into more success, taking the time to catch your breath is the wrong strategy. Like, really wrong.

Detta är varför Apple vinner och varför RIM och Nokia ligger illa till. Apple utvecklar ständigt sina produkter vidare, slaktar framgångsrika produkter (iPod Mini) till förmån för andra (iPod Nano), och vilar aldrig.

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