Hur tjänar filmbolagen pengar, egentligen?

Adam Davidson:

I’ve been trying to come to terms with two seemingly irreconcilable facts.

First, “Men in Black 3” has made more than $550 million worldwide. Second, while a representative from the parent company of Columbia Pictures told me that the movie is now “in the win column,” it seemed until recently as if Columbia might actually lose money on it.

How could that be? It’s not so complicated. Its production costs were close to $250 million; worldwide marketing most likely added at least that much; and a big chunk of the ticket sales go to theaters and distributors.

There must be an easier way to make money. For the cost of “Men in Black 3,” for instance, the studio could have become one of the world’s largest venture-capital funds, thereby owning a piece of hundreds of promising start-ups.

Instead, it purchased the rights to a piece of intellectual property, paid a fortune for a big star and has no definitive idea why its movie didn’t make a huge profit.

Why is anyone in the film industry?

Det krävs alltså intäkter på 3,8 miljarder kronor för att en film so Men in Black III ska börja gå med vinst. Hur många filmer om året kräver den typen av intäkter för att undvika förluster?

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