En önskan om ökad transparens för App Store-utvecklare

Aleksandar Vacić:

It’s nothing strange that sales levels go up after Christmas, fueled by people getting (for themselves and others) shiny new iOS-running devices. Usually though, the sales go down in February and by March are settled down to some value. If you are lucky, then that value is over the one before Christmas. What was strange this time was that sales picked-up considerably in March and April. And here’s the kicker:

I have no idea why.

During that period of time:

I did not post great new updates (apart from few bug fix releases).
I did not get featured by Apple – and believe me, I scoured the App Store feature sections thoroughly.
I googled far and wide, looking for reviews, blog posts, whatever – found none. Not a single review nor mention was published, anywhere.
I looked at analytics for Radiant Tap web site, they were the same as months before and after.

And the even worse kicker: I have no idea why the sales dropped so sharply at the end of April. This is extremely disheartening and frankly really scary for a one-man indie dev shop. Let alone a company of two or more people.

När jag sålde Macpro Magazine via App Store så var det näst intill omöjligt att plocka ut någon vettig rapportering. Det gick inte att ta ut en rapport månad för månad så jag kunde analysera närmare om ett visst nummer sålde bättre än ett annat, utan rapporterna presenterades i perioder som sträckte sig från exempelvis den 24:e Januari till 24:e Mars. Ganska hopplöst att få ut rapportering per månad om man inte ville lägga extremt mycket tid på att klippa och klistra siffror från App Store-rapporterna.

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