Hur många piratkopior finns på App Store?

Jon Lipsky:

This morning I received an email from what seemed like a customer asking for support for the app “Diagram Touch” that he just purchased. I informed him that “Diagram Touch” is not an app we sell, and that he should contact the developer of that app for support.

It’s not the first time that a customer has contacted us for support for a competitors app, so I was going to be helpful and provide the link to the developers website. When I looked up that app in the App Store though, there wasn’t a link to their website or a support email address which made me suspicious.

At that point I decided I’d purchase the app (and later request a refund) to figure out why the customer thought this was our app. What I found absolutely shocked me. “Diagram Touch” was nothing more than a cracked (two year old) version of TouchDraw that had been repackaged with a different splash screen and different icons.

Lipsky är inte ensam om att drabbas. En applikation är en piratkopia av OmniGraffle.

(via Marco Arment)

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