Microsoft har en del kvar att lära

Svenske Karl-Henry Martinsson besökte en Microsoft-butik för att testa Surface RT:

Then we went to Microsoft, and I started playing with a Surface RT device. Nice small form factor and, and surprisingly nice keyboard. I entered the URL for my server and expected the login prompt to show up. Instead I was redirected to the Microsoft Store webpage.

OK, perhaps I had typed something wrong in the URL. I tried one more time, making sure the address was correct. Same result.

We then asked a girl working in the store what was wrong. She explained that most pages are blocked, only a small number of commonly accessed pages were avaliable to surf to. That was supposedly because people went to “inappropriate pages”.

Jag vet inte om Apple Store blockerar vissa webbsajter på sina demodatorer men de webbsidor jag testat när jag varit i Apples butiker både i Sverige, England och USA har fungerat utan problem.

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