Paypal håller på pengar till Mailpile


Saturday August 31st I woke to two emails from PayPal. The first notified me they had cancelled the debit card associated with my sole proprietor business account, the second was informing me they placed a block on my account barring me from withdrawing or sending any money out of my PayPal account. I figured my account must have tripped an automatic security limit the night before. I logged into their website to see what actions I needed to do in order to remove the block on my account.

Afer 4 phone calls, the last of which I spoke to a supervisor, the understanding I have come to is, unless Mailpile provides PayPal with a detailed budgetary breakdown of how we plan to use the donations from our crowd funding campaign they will not release the block on my account for 1 year until we have shipped a 1.0 version of our product.

Mailpile är som ni kanske minns ett väldigt intressant projekt vars mål är att utveckla en säker, krypterad webbmailklient.

(via Anders Thoresson på DN.)

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