Designguru släpper egen bok om sina år med Steve Jobs


Quartz skriver om Harmut Esslinger, mannen bakom Frog, och hans kommande bok Keep It Simple om åren med Steve Jobs på Apple och NeXT:

One of the shocking things that comes from reading an account of the early days of design at Apple is how the groundwork for almost all of the company’s subsequent successes—slim notebook computers, the iPad and the iPhone—was laid in the early 1980s. Phones, tablet computers, Powerbooks were all realized by Frog Design in models, at a time when the technology to realize them simply didn’t exist.

Then Jobs was kicked out of Apple, learned some hard lessons at NeXT, started a little company called Pixar and returned to Apple just as technology was catching up with his vision.

If Apple’s greatest successes are all rooted in a time when Frog and Jobs were in their creative prime, is Apple in danger of running out of ideas, and turning into a company that is devoted not to innovation but endless refinement of its greatest hits?

Ännu en bok som får klassas som måste-läsning under hösten. Boken släpps på onsdag och man kan nog anta att den lär dyka upp i handeln ganska snart. Esslinger passar bland annat på att avfärda de flesta böcker som skrivits om Jobs de senaste åren:

I make no secret of my disgust for all those books written by outsiders who, if they mention design at all, describe it as Steve’s hobby or some kind of whimsical ‘add-on’ to his main product focus. Even Walter Isaacson’s much-touted Jobs biography falls into this disappointing category.

Ett utdrag ur boken finns att läsa här.

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