Fincher hoppar av film om Jobs

Hollywood Reporter:

Sony Pictures is looking to replace David Fincher as director of its highly anticipated Steve Jobs movie due to his aggressive demands for compensation and control, according to several sources.

Fincher is said to be seeking a hefty $10 million up front in fees, as well as control over marketing, in negotiations with the studio.

Sony allowed him considerable input into the marketing of the 2011 film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, including honoring his request to use the tagline “The feel bad movie of Christmas” in its campaign. A source says Fincher also had the studio create metal, razor-blade-shaped one-sheet materials for the film that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce but were not suitable for display in theatres.

Aaron Sorkin och David Fincher har varit bra tidigare. Kanske var detta sista chansen att få en riktigt bra film om Steve Jobs gjord – det första försöket blev ju sannerligen inte så lyckat.

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