Apples utvecklarsajt hackad igen

Mike Beasly:

Imagine our surprise when an email from a complete stranger showed up in our tips box containing the personal contact information—including cell phone numbers—of several 9to5Mac staffers, as well as a few high ranking Apple executives.

Last night Apple pulled the Developer Center offline for maintenance, but as is usually the case, no noticeable changes were visible when it came back up. As it turns out, the company was patching a very serious security breach that was discovered over the weekend, allowing anyone to access the personal contact information for every registered iOS, Mac, or Safari developer; every Apple Retail and corporate employee; and some key partners.

Förra gången Apple Developer Connection hackades tog det Apple ett par veckor att lösa problemet. Denna gång tog det en helg så man får väl se det som ett fall framåt.

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