The New Yorker slopar betalvägg

The New York Times:

David Remnick, the editor, acknowledged in an interview that The New Yorker previously had “this kind of awkward, the best we could do, kind of paywall, where we held things back.” That system, he said, has “long since outlived its conception.”

The three months during which articles will be free, a promotion that will most likely be sponsored by a large corporation, will provide the magazine with data it plans to use in deciding how to position and price its “metered paywall” — allowing a certain number, or certain kinds, of free articles, but then charging its most avid readers through a subscription plan.

Samtidigt som svenska medier inför betalväggar i allt större utsträckning har de amerikanska dito redan börjat förstå att det faktiskt inte fungerar. När svenska medier inser det har de sparat sig själva till döds och sparkat all form av redaktionell kompetens för att “optimera verksamheten för en digital framtid”.


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