Samsung skyller dåligt kvartal på alla andra

Wall Street Journal:

The document hits on a number of long-running themes familiar to Samsung investors, from :

  • The Korean won, which has been virtually unstoppable in its rise against the greenback (and most other currency) this year
  • Over-delivery of smartphones led to a glut of devices in China and Europe, where increased competition on the low end edged out Samsung’s offerings
  • In China in particular, Samsung’s 3G products come at an awkward time, as Chinese consumers save up for the rollout of 4G long-term evolution devices
  • People don’t buy tablets as often as they do smartphones, and the very success of Samsung’s phablets eats into tablet sales
  • Samsung spent even more than usual on marketing in the second quarter
  • iPhone och iPad är fortfarande de mest lönsamma telefon- och tablet-produkterna på marknaden. Något som Samsung tydligen valde att inte nämna…

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