Vilken app gör av med mest data i din iPhone?

Dan Frommer:

In my case, I’ve used 6.8 GB since I last reset my iPhone’s data counter a few months ago. Twitter turns out to be my biggest “expense”—my Twitter app has consumed 2.2 GB of data during that time, or almost one-third of the total.

This seemed surprising at first: isn’t Twitter just 140-character text snippets? But with all the photos and videos in the Twitter stream today, plus loading websites in the built-in browser, addict-level usage adds up.

Instagram comes in second place, accounting for 20% of my usage—reasonable, considering all the hi-resolution photos it’s loading. Only three other apps—Safari, Podcasts, and Mail—top 5%.

Jag har bränt iväg 6,2 gigabyte på iTunes Match, 262 megabyte på App Store och 551 megabyte på Facebook.

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