Historien om Bill Fernandez

Vem är Bill Fernandez kanske du undrar? Om jag säger att det är personen som introducerade Steve Wozniak för Steve Jobs, och om jag säger att det är personen som var Apples första anställning efter The Two Steves så kanske det ringer en klocka?

Oavsett vad – oerhört läsvärd artikel:

It wasn’t long after he introduced Jobs and Wozniak that Fernandez noticed the two of them hanging out on their own. They collaborated on two things: electronics projects and practical jokes. Eventually, the two of them starting working on professional projects together when Jobs landed a gig with Noah Bushnell at Atari and enlisted help from Wozniak in creating the game “Breakout.”

Then, famously, Jobs and Wozniak started a little computer company called Apple when Jobs decided that the computer Woz had designed, later to be known as the Apple I, could be packaged and sold to other enthusiasts.

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