Apple, Adobe och IBM får skäll för informationssamarbete med amerikanska myndigheter

Apple har ju dyrt och heligt lovat att de inte läcker information om vad som lagras i iCloud till någon tredje part, exempelvis vissa amerikanska myndigheter. Nu pekar webbsajten Betrayed by Tech ut just Apple och en rad andra jättar för att samarbeta med amerikanska myndigheter under ett program kallat Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, eller CISA. Problemet med CISA är flera enligt denna webbsajt:

Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, and a handful of other tech companies just began publicly lobbying Congress to pass Cyber Threat Information Sharing legislation, like CISA, a bill that would give corporations total legal immunity when they share private user data with the government and with each other.

Many of these companies have previously claimed to fight for their users’ privacy rights, but by supporting this type of legislation, they’ve made it clear that they’ve abandoned that position, and are willing to endanger their users’ security and civil rights in exchange for government handouts and protection.

Vad innebär då CISA i praktiken? Enligt webbsajten detta:

All privacy policies effectively null and void. Companies can share any private user data with the government, without a warrant, as long as the government says it is being used for a “cybersecurity” purpose.

Data is shared with a wide array of government agencies, from the FBI and NSA, to the IRS and local law enforcement.

In exchange, companies are given blanket immunity from civil and criminal laws, like fraud, money laundering, or illegal wiretapping (if a violation was committed or exposed in the process of sharing data).

Companies that play along can get otherwise classified intelligence data from the government, including private information about their competitors.

Wired har också skrivit en intressant artikel om CISA som jag rekommenderar.

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