Därför är textreklam fel

Ben Brooks om det vi kallar textreklam (reklam som ser ut som en artikel på exempelvis en blogg):

Instead it’s all those sites without a dedicated sales staff that worry me, because that kind of negotiations and relationships with advertisers — to setup and sell native ads — is a very dangerous situation to find yourself in.

And since John Gruber at Daring Fireball is such a proponent of these ads, let’s pick on him for a moment. Gruber primarily writes about Apple and the tech industry at large. So what if Apple came to Gruber to buy an ad spot? Does he sell it? If not, why doesn’t he? It’s a product he clearlybelieves in, something he would write about anyways, but still — it’s Apple — so should he allow them to pay him directly to have a native ad on his site?

I would say he should avoid this at all costs, but that argument is a thin one at best because it meets all of his criteria for an ad: something he believes in, something his readers like, and something he would talk about anyways. And if he does accept the ad, even knowing that the has more than a decade of history for being objective about Apple — how does a reader look at Gruber’s praise of Apple now? It’s potentially devastating for the writers authenticity, and for reader trust. The entire system could crumble. Even though it seems like a logical sponsor for his site.

Rätt förvånad över att Gruber inte vänt upp och ned på Ben Brooks vid det här laget. Kanske är det för att Brooks har rätt, och vad värre är så fortsätter bloggare som undertecknad att få erbjudanden som dessa. I USA verkar det vara mer accepterat att skylta med att det är en sponsor man skriver om – här ska det döljas och artikeln ska integreras i din blogg till varje pris oavsett om det minst sagt sticker ut att jag (potentiellt) skulle helt plötsligt blogga om en kasino-sajts applikation en enda gång..

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