Oracle planerar lägga ned Java


The email, sent to InfoWorld on Tuesday by a former high-ranking Java official, claimed to feature details from inside Oracle. It said the company was becoming a cloud company, competing with Salesforce, and “Java has no interest to them anymore.” The subject line cited “Java — planned obsolescence.”

Oracle is not interested in empowering its competitors and doesn’t want to share innovation, the email further alleges. The company is slimming down Java EE (Enterprise Edition), but it also doesn’t want anyone else to work on Java or Java EE and is sidelining the JCP (Java Community Process). “They have a winner-take-all mentality and they are not interested in collaborating,” said the email. “Proprietary product work will be done on WebLogic, and there’ll be a proprietary microservices platform.”

Jag har sagt det förut och säger det igen: Oracle är inte intresserade av att göra sig några vänner i den här branschen. Frågan numera är snarare: hur mycket är kvar av allt det Oracle fick när de köpte Sun Microsystems?

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