Svårt att köra egen e-postserver

Jody Ribton:

Email perfectly embodies the spirit of the internet: independent mail hosts exchanging messages, no host more or less important than any other. Joining the network is as easy as installing Sendmail and slapping on an MX record.

At least, that used to be the case. If you were to launch a new mail server right now, many networks would simply refuse to speak to you. The problem: reputation.

Email today is dominated by a handful of major services. GMail boasted 425 million active usersback in 2012. Outlook.com has at least 400 million users. It’s become increasingly unusual for individuals or businesses to host their own mail, to the point that new servers are viewed with suspicion.

En korrekt uppsatt e-postserver med reverse-DNS, bra spamskydd och fler än en legitim och schysst domän kopplad till sig tenderar att ha betydligt färre problem i mitt tycke.

Sen skadar det inte att lägga in SPF-records i din DNS-tabell heller.


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