Installation av nya Apple TV en aning osmidig

Det verkar vara en aning osmidig upplevelse att installera och sätta upp nya Apple TV:

So when the Apple TV suddenly asked me for my iCloud user name and password—which it already knew, by the way, because of that fancy pairing feature at the start—I got to laboriously peck it out, character by character, including all those special characters that require toggling to the symbols keyboard.

 I repeated this step for my Netflix user name and password. For other video services, the apps punted entirely, having me load a web page on a different device, authenticate with my cable TV provider, and then enter a code displayed on the screen to connect my device. This was actually less painful than entering my user name and password one character at a time, but sending me to another device doesn’t seem like the right approach. (And with so many apps these days requiring a cable TV user name and password, shouldn’t Apple have integrated that login information right into tvOS?)

Then I tried to download the Madefire digital comics app, and I was prompted for my iTunes user name and password again. I groaned, I might’ve said some inappropriate words (fortunately, my kids weren’t around and my dog didn’t seem to be offended by them), and I pecked out the same characters one at a time.

And that’s when the Apple TV said: To activate this device to make purchases, go to your account page in iTunes.

Inte för att jag tror att nya Apple TV är usel, men Apple kunde definitivt ha gjort detta bättre och smidigare. För övrigt har jag ännu inte bestämt mig för huruvida jag ska köpa en eller inte. Jag tror jag avvaktar för att se om applikationsutbudet blir tillräckligt bra.

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