Rouge Amoeba tar bort Piezo från Mac App Store

Rouge Amoeba:

A major reason for the initial creation of Piezo was our desire to allow recording from other applications on the Mac within the limits of what Apple’s Mac App Store rules allowed. We were pleased to provide audio capture to customers of the Mac App Store, and for a time, things worked just fine. However, Apple eventually began requiring all applications distributed through the Mac App Store to be sandboxed. This was a problem. Piezo’s need to capture audio from other applications precludes the possibility of it being sandboxed. This new requirement effectively stopped our ability to upgrade Piezo in any meaningful way.

Intressant nog togs bloggposten ovan ned efter två timmar. I övrigt känns det som det inte är första, eller för den delen sista gången som Apples regler för sandboxing driver bort fler applikationer från Mac App Store.

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