“Latmasken” Marco Arment

Webbsajten RayWenderlich intervjuar Marco Arment:

I work in erratic bursts. I’ll accomplish relatively little for maybe a week, then have an incredible marathon in which I accomplish a week’s worth of work in a few hours. In reality, this is how I’ve always worked, even when employed full-time in regular jobs — I just tried to hide it, and my bosses seemed happy enough with the results of the productive bursts to overlook my useless periods.

Nobody should take time-management advice from me. I work this way because it’s the only way I can, not because it’s a good idea. If you have a better work ethic, use it.

Jag arbetar på ungefär samma sätt. Ibland kan jag sitta och löka en förmiddag och sen jobbar jag stenhårt i 4-5 timmar.  Hjärnan måste få vila ibland och det är vad jag tror Arment också upptäckt.

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