Utmaningarna för Apples molntjänster

Ben Thompson:

It’s worth noting, though, how poorly the App Store is generally run: Apple is not, in my estimation, deriving nearly the amount of strategic value they should be from the App Store. The iPhone and iPad should be home to an increasingly sophisticated and exclusive cadre of high-powered applications that make the idea of choosing another platform unthinkable, but sadly, such applications have no business model because of App Store policies.

Apple Music is in worse shape: the extent to which the product is succeeding is largely due to its tie-in with Apple’s hardware; however, were the service held to the same ease-of-use, fit-and-finish, and profitability standards of said hardware there would be panic in Cupertino.

Cloud services, meanwhile, are still less reliable than Apple’s competition, and the integration — Apple’s supposed strength! — with Apple’s software is at best a source of irritation and at worst very worrisome from a security perspective: little things like constantly being prompted to enter one’s password are not only annoying but also corrosive when it comes to what should be a healthy skepticism about sharing the keys to your life.

Briljant sammanfattning i en briljant artikel. Det vore också klädsamt av Apple att fixa de problem de har med befintlig tjänster och produkter innan de rusar vidare mot att lansera nya.

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