Dagens Atari en skugga av sitt forna jag


Atari was once a giant of video game innovation, but now it’s a troll — a company that produces nothing except legal threats — and its latest project is to get the US Patent and Trademark Office to give it the right to decide who can make haunted house games, and charge the lucky few for the privilege.

Atari made a game called “Haunted House” in the early 1980s. In 2010, decades after this game ceased to have any meaningful place in the market, the current owners of Atari, filed a trademark on “Haunted House” in connection with games.

Now, Atari wants to shut down “Haunted House Tycoon,” a new game — you know, a game that someone might actually play — from a publisher called Hazy Dreams.

Jag minns när Atari gjorde rätt trevliga datorer till rätt trevliga priser. Numera verkar bolaget drivas av patenttroll som skulle sälja sin egen mamma till högstbjudande om tillfälle gavs.

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