Rovio står och faller med film om arga fåglar


First announced in 2012, The Angry Birds Movie is a big bet for the Finnish company, which financed the film itself. Rovio has been struggling in recent years trying to keep up with the free-to-play mobile games dominating the top-grossing charts. Last year, it cut 213 jobs, affecting all departments except those working on the film and its related projects (like the recently released Angry Birds Action! pinball game). If the movie takes off at the box office, it could reinvigorate the seven year-old series.

But plans for The Angry Birds Movie started way before the company’s troubles. It was during the height of Angry Bird’s popularity when Hollywood studios came knocking on Rovio’s door.

Det har väl aldrig varit tydligare att Rovio behöver fler ben att stå på än ett, för även om filmen blir en succé så är jag övertygad om att marknaden för arga fåglar är ganska mättad.

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