Overcast visar annonser och byter betalningsmodell. Igen.

Marco Arment:

Starting today, I’m trying a third:

  • Year three: Free for almost everything, with simple ads on some screens, and everyone now gets the dark theme. Patronage is now Overcast Premium, now just $9.99 per year, for ad-free use, file uploads, and some future features.

    Existing patrons become Premium accounts of the same duration, with all Premium benefits. At the end of your patronage, you’ll be asked to renew as Premium.

    Buyers of the old $4.99 unlock from year one: Restore Purchases from the Premium screen, and you won’t see the normal ads, but you may see occasional promos for Premium to support further development.

Sur över att se annonser i en poddspelare?  Du har bara dig själv att skylla – betala så slipper du se dem.

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