Hur Apple behandlar utvecklare i App Store

Bogdan Popescu:

Earlier today, Apple cancelled my developer account and has removed Dash from the App Store.

What Happened?

I don’t know.

Yesterday I sent Apple a request to migrate my account from an individual one to a company one. Once I verified my company with its D-U-N-S Number, they notified me that some features in iTunes Connect won’t be available during account migration.

A while later my iTunes Connect account started showing as “CLOSED” and my apps were removed from sale. I thought this was normal and part of the migration.

Today I called them and they confirmed my account migration went through and that everything is okay as far as they can tell. A few hours ago I received a “Notice of Termination” email, saying that my account was terminated due to fraudulent conduct. I called them again and they said they can’t provide more information.

Väldigt typiskt Apple – tondövt och okänsligt.

Uppdatering: Det var visat sig att denna historia var mer komplicerad än vad man först trodde. Läs mer här.

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