“Varför använder jag Apples produkter?”

Sean Sperte:

Why am I still using Apple products?

Wow. I can’t believe I’m really having to ask myself that question.

Taking out the more subjective and wishy-washy factors like “user experience” and “brand” and “nostalgia”, I guess it boils down to three main things:

1. I align with Apple’s stance on privacy

When I look at Google or Microsoft, and if I’m being honest, their product lines and ecosystems look pretty great, especially lately. But I cannot stand the notion that for most of what Google provides, I become the product, and the advertiser becomes the customer.

2. I’m locked in

For decades I’ve used Apple hardware and software, and now more than ever I’m dependent on the ecosystem of apps from the Apple App Store(s). Most of the apps I use and love either don’t have versions on other platforms, or have crummy ported counterparts. (One example off the top of my head is Twitter, and for it, Tweetbot.)

3. The cost of switching

It’s hard work, and takes a lot of resources (including money) to change the foundational platform of a digital lifestyle. I’m just not sure I’m up for it given I have a wife, four kids, and a budding startup to help lead.

Tre bra anledningar att stanna kvar, men så länge Apple fortsätter tillverka datorer utan det fokus de hade förr så tror jag fler kommer ställa sig samma fråga.

Notera: Jag postar inte länkar som denna och andra liknande dito för att kasta skit på Apple, men jag tycker att de som klagar på Apples och deras produkter borde ställa sig själva samma fråga som Sean Sperte. Jag gjorde det och resultatet vet ni vid det här laget…

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