Docker i verkligheten

The HFT Guy:

The docker release cycle is the only constant in the Docker ecosystem:

  1. Abandon whatever exists
  2. Make new stuff and release
  3. Ignore existing users and retro compatibility

The release cycle applies but is not limited to: docker versions, features, filesystems, the docker registry, all API…

Judging by the past history of Docker, we can approximate that anything made by Docker has a half-life of about 1 year, meaning that half of what exist now will be abandoned [and extinguished] in 1 year. There will usually be a replacement available, that is not fully compatible with what it’s supposed to replace, and may or may not run on the same ecosystem (if at all).

Docker har onekligen varit det senaste, heta men jag är ärligt talat glad över att jag aldrig har lagt någon tid på att ens labba med det.

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