Apple fortsätter driva bort proffsanvändarna

Peter Cohen:

What’s going to happen to automation technology in macOS going forward, however, is anyone’s guess. Apple’s decision to eliminate the position of the one person who was shepherding the technology does not speak well of its priorities.

Twenty years ago, when Soghoian started at Apple, Apple was in a very different place than it is now. It was before the iPhone, before the iPod, even before the iMac. Apple was on the rocks, having been beaten pretty badly in the personal computer market by Microsoft. The company was months away from running out of money and possibly shutting down or selling off to the highest bidder. Creative pros were one of the very few market segments that were even interested in Apple anymore. Apple knew that and counted on them to help keep the home fires burning.

Those same customers seemingly aren’t enough of a market for Apple to bother with anymore. Which brings to mind an old aphorism: “If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will.”

Intresset för andra plattformar hos mångåriga proffsanvändare av Apples datorer har nog aldrig varit större. En och annan podcast har diskuterat ämnet och jag får många kommentarer via e-post och Twitter som vittnar om samma sak: allt fler har ledsnat på Apple och deras uppenbara arrogans mot de kunder som i allra högsta grad bidrog till att bära företaget fram till var det är idag.

Microsoft, Dell och Lenovo sitter nog och gnuggar sina händer numera.

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