Har du en mobil hotspot? Så ska du inte ska döpa den…

The Register:

About an hour into the flight the intercom clicked on and one of the cabin crew asked that if anyone had a Note 7, they should they identify themselves. After 15 minutes and no answer, the cabin crew threatened to turn on the lights – it was 11pm by this stage – and search all passengers until they found the device.

Another 15 minutes and no phone, so now the captain came on the intercom and threatened to divert the flight to an airport in Wyoming if the owner of the banned Sammy handset didn’t confess. He pointed out that as this was a nighttime flight then landing and searching everyone would be a massive pain in the backside for everyone.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever been diverted at 3am,” Wojciechowski recounts the captain saying. “Let me tell you, it is terrible. There is nothing open in the terminal. Nothing.”

Thankfully this seemed to do the trick and shortly afterwards the captain reassured passengers that the device had been found. It wasn’t one of the flammable phones, but instead another model belonging to a moron who thought it would be a good wheeze to rename their mobile hotspot and pretend to be carrying a banned handset.

Inte nödvändigtvis den bästa marknadsföring Samsung kan få…

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