Pengarullningen på Wikimedia

The Register:

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) recently released a Form 990 for its 2015-2016 financial year. Once again, the foundation took almost a full year to do so rather than the standard five months.

The form shows that in the 2015 calendar year, the WMF – which relies on unpaid volunteers to generate the entire content of its websites – paid outgoing managers close to half a million dollars in severance pay.

The foundation – which claims transparency as its core value and says it is “committed to communicating with our volunteers, donors, and stakeholders in an open, accountable, and timely manner” – pre-emptively stated in its email announcement that although it recognised people would “have an interest in this topic”, it would “not be commenting on the specific nature of the severance payments or circumstances which may be related to them”.

The lion’s share of the bounty – $208,306 – went to Erik Möller, chief instigator of Wikimedia’s failed Wikinews service and its rather more successful Wikimedia Commons media archive. As WMF deputy director and VP of engineering and product development, Möller presided over a string of high-profile software engineering failures that have soured WMF relations with its community of unpaid volunteers in recent years.

Ha detta i åtanke nästa gång Jimmy Wales tigger pengar av dig.

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