Ryska myndigheter hotar Telegram

Hacker News:

Russia has threatened a ban against Telegram end-to-end encrypted messaging app, after Pavel Durov, its founder, refused to sign up to the country’s new data protection laws.

Russia’s FSB intelligence service said on Monday that the terrorists who killed 15 people in Saint Petersburg in April had used the Telegram encrypted messaging service to plot the attacks.

According to the new Russian Data Protection Laws, since January 1, all foreign tech companies have been required to store past six months of the personal data of its citizens and encryption keys within the country which the company has to share with the authorities on demand. Russia wants Telegram to share its users’ chats and crypto keys if asked, as the encrypted messaging app has become widely popular among terrorists for operating inside Russia.

Founder Pavel Durov said on Twitter that Intelligence agencies had pressured the company to weaken its encryption or install a backdoor.

Sista gången ryssarna hävdade att de slogs mot terrorister så invaderade Ukraina…

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