Statoil flyttar hem IT-drift från Indien


Statoil said on Friday it would move its critical information technology (IT) tasks from Indian provider HCL Technologies back to Norway to improve security.

A number of IT-related security incidents in recent years, including one that disrupted oil loading at the Mongstad refinery in 2014, had led the Norwegian energy company to create a task force to assess risks.

As a result of this assessment Statoil decided to strip its most “critical” tasks from provider HCL, to which the company outsources most of its infrastructure IT management, after internal reports identified potential security problems.

“Critical tasks on IT infrastructure should be carried out by internal resources in Statoil,” a spokesman for the company said.

Statoil will begin identifying immediately which operations to move back to Norway and implement this “as soon as possible”, he added.

Jag har sett och hört om många projekt där IT-driften skulle läggas ut på tredje part som raskt i sin tur lägger den i Indien, Slovakien eller annat låglöneland, och än så länge har jag inte sett, eller hört om, ett enda fall där detta slutat väl.

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