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The app was called “Update WhatsApp” and is still on the Play Store, although the developer has now changed its name to “Dual Whatsweb Update” and switched the icon, which doesn’t look like the WhatsApp icon anymore. But before its facelift, the app mimicked WhatsApp in a clear attempt to trick users into downloading it thinking they were downloading an update for the popular messaging app, according to users who reviewed the app on the Play Store, and users on Reddit, who flagged the malicious app.

This is not the first time someone tries to deceive Android users with fake, malicious apps. The Google Play Store has long been mired by these kind of apps. But based on the number of downloads, this fake WhatsApp app is one of the most successful ever.

Här är ett kanontips från er kompis Farbror Jocke: köp inte Android-baserade produkter till era barn, ungdomar, föräldrar eller far- eller morföräldrar. Har inte folk som borde veta vett och kunskaper att undvika malware och annat på Android så lär inte din familj eller släkt göra det heller.

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